The main function of the PubQuest website is to find craft beer locations.

How do I search the map?
  1. Enter a Location - similar to other mapping search engines, put in an address, city, and/or ZIP code. The map will zoom to that location, or provide you a list to choose from if there are multiple options.
  2. Enter a Craft Brewery - put in a name (or partial name) of a brewery. The map will zoom to that brewery location, or provide you a list to choose from if there are multiple locations for that brewery or multiple breweries with that name.
  3. Select from a drop down list (of Cities) - first select Country, then State/Province, then City. The map will zoom to each location as you get more specific. The list of craft brew locations will be created for that city.
  4. Select from a drop down list (of Brewery Locations) - when your map is zoomed in to a scale where breweries are displayed, you can select from the drop down list that is created.

Other web mapping functionality works similarly in PubQuest. You can use the slider bar to zoom in and out of an area in order to identify additional craft beer locations or get more detail on the streets. Use the Pan function (by clicking/holding the mouse on the map) to move the map area up/down/right/left.

How do I identify a craft brewery or brewpub on the map?

Click on an icon -- Brewpub (brewpub), Brewery (craft brewery), or Brewhouse (brewhouse) -- and a pop-up box with information about that location will appear. Definitions vary across different jurisdictions and people's interpretations, but for the purposes of PubQuest mapping, the following definitions of the locations apply: brewpubs brew onsite, serve food and are open typical restaurant hours; breweries often have tastings and tours during limited hours; and brewhouses are owned by breweries but do not brew onsite. If the brewery has a website, you can click on the link in the pop-up bubble to go directly to that website (this will open an additional tab or page so you can continue to use PubQuest).

Can I view all the breweries names that are showing on my map?

Yes! If there are multiple breweries displayed on the map, the first 30 will have numbers in their colored icon. These numbers are associated with the "Brewery List" that is on the left side of the map. If you do directions, that list will be replaced by the directions but you can return to it by clicking on "Show Brewery List."

How do I get directions?

Fill in your start location in the box in the pop-up bubble, choose driving, walking or bicycling and click on "get directions." The resulting directions will show up to the left of the map - with "A" as your starting point and "B" as the ending brewery location. If you decide to change your mode of transportation, you can do that at the top of the directions on the left side as well.